Welcome to the Ski Mallnitz 2002

Hello everybody. Wasn't it a great week. Many thanks to Adam and Cara. Here now are all the photos!

Below are some mpeg files showing some video footage of the trip. In order to view them first download this file 'here' , unzip and install. If you have any difficulties please email me 'here'. Some of the files may take a while to download so please be patient.

Please click the links below with the right mouse button and "Save target as"

Views from the Ankogel.

Johann, Manfred, and Adam.

On the bus on the way to Mallinitz.

Views from the Molltaler Glacier.

Nutty Bird.

Mr. Paul Ridden

Dom returns

Adam showing us how it should not be done

Dominic and Filip fly away to the hospital

Pete describes the run


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